Uber chose Hong Kong as one of its first international destinations in 2014, and despite the ongoing economic challenges facing us all, Uber is confident of the long-term economic opportunities in the region

That is why we have announced that we want to move our Asia Pacific regional headquarters to Hong Kong, establish an innovation and engineering hub, expand our products, and create more jobs.

However, despite having been here for six years, Hong Kong is one of the last cities in the world that has not updated its laws to regulate ridesharing. This lack of regulatory certainty means we can’t invest and create more jobs in Hong Kong, whilst the opportunities are taken by other cities.

Like any business, regulatory certainty is critical to enable us to make such significant investments in this important global hub. If the Government welcomes ridesharing, we can move our regional headquarters to Hong Kong, employ the next generation of the city’s tech talent, and continue to develop high-quality products and offerings for everyone.

If you want ridesharing, more investment and more jobs in Hong Kong, please show your support and let your elected representatives know about it.

Regulate ridesharing - bring investment and jobs to Hong Kong.

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Uber is asking Hong Kongers to show their support for ridesharing and our vision for Hong Kong, so together we can show our leaders and elected officials that they should embrace ridesharing, attract investment and jobs, and ensure that Hong Kong doesn’t miss out on opportunities that exist in other cities around the world – from Sydney to Sao Paulo, New York to New Delhi.

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